Your partner in creating your fashion collection providing services in consultancy, fabric sourcing fashion design apparel development  production management

Fous A Fous is a private label apparel design and development consultancy agency based in Amsterdam working with manufacturer partners in Europe. We are specialized in fashion design, fabric sourcing, apparel development and production management. Fous A Fous provides accessible and affordable options for new or existing brands who are looking for comprehensive development from industry experts, as well as for retailers who want to start their own private label brand or want to outsource the development and production of their brand.

Fous A Fous means ‘hand in hand’ in Amazigh, a dialect in North- Morocco. We believe that great products are the outcome of cooperation with creatives and skilled partnerships with manufacturers, creating business that every party benefits from.

With the support of Fous A Fous any part of the process from conceptual design to finished product can be completed more efficiently by understanding the needs of the fashion brands and the manufacturers.

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