Fous A Fous partners with knitwear suppliers where we source and select the highest quality materials. Do you like the knit in a chunky look or in a refined subtle knit or in the middle? You choose and we develop your designs with precision into the perfect knitted garment.

The best wool comes from the merino sheep. Why? Because it ensures softness, drape in the fabric and reduced piling. Wool is also biodegradable and breathable, suitable for both warm and cold weather. The fibers of virgin wool are stronger as they have not been shredded like recycled wool. This makes virgin wool longer lasting. The fibers of existing wool fabrics are torn apart and re-spun. You select your colors (existing colors), in this way the dyeing process and the resulting wastewater have been eliminated.

We do take care of the beautiful sheep who provide us their material. The yarn we source comes from Italy. The wool the Italian yarn-supplier buys comes from South-Africa and is mulesing-free! With the mulesing-free certificate, it is possible to gather the wool in a way that causes no harm or pain to the sheep. We also can source wool against the Responsible Wool Standard. If wool is not what you want, you can choose the options recycled wool, organic cotton or linen.

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